Opened its doors in 2016.  It was an important and conscience decision that the location be somewhere that existing and prospective patients found welcoming and inviting.  It was decided that Kolosy Square in beautiful downtown Buda would be ideal.

We understand that patients may visit the dentist with trepidation. Therefore, this practice aims to provide, through highly educated qualified professionals, a stress free and compassionate dentistry experience that will leave you happy and confident of any treatment/consultation received.

We are a dentistry for ALL THE FAMILY.

Dr Erwin Kerekes

Dentist/ Dentoalveolar surgeon specialist

Graduated summa cum laude from The Semmelweis University Faculty of Dentistry in 2015. He has worked for 3 years at an oral surgery clinic where he gained a lot of experience.

Erwin was born and raised in Germany and apart from German speaks fluent Hungarian and conversational English and French. Due to his language proficiency, Erwin has found this has aided his ability to expand his knowledge by accessing up to date procedures.

He specialises in dentures, tooth retention treatments and oral surgery and strives to work to an aesthetic and functionally superior manner.

Dr Tünde Kovach

Orthodontic specialist

Also Graduated summa cum laude from The Semmelweis University Faculty of Dentistry in 2015. Coming from a family of doctors and her father being a dentist himself, Tünde always knew she wanted to enter this profession.  This interest was heightened during regular visits to her father’s dental clinic throughout high school and she interned for 6 years during University. However, it was not just “simple” dentistry that called to Tünde. To her, dentistry is not purely just about the tooth, but also about the patient. It was this feeling that has led Tünde to continue her studies and specialise in orthodontics, paedodontics and aesthetic dentistry. These procedures could become long term commitments whereby she can gain a rapport and understanding with the client and create something beautiful and rewarding.

Languages – Hungarian, English and German.


Dental hygienic treatment

Painless anesthesia


Tooth jewelry

Aesthetic filling

Root canal treatment


Orthodontics and children dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry


Wisdom tooth removal

Free Treatments
Consultation, Treatmentplan, Estimation of Costs
Suture removal
Prescription in connection with the treatment
Preventive Treatments
Dental Hygienic Treatment50 €
Closed Periodontal Curettage/ Tooth30 €
Closed Periodontal Curettage/ Quad100 €
Conservative Dentistry
Composite Filling50-80 €
Temporary Filling10 €
Inlay/ Onlay Ceramic (E-max)250 €
Inlay/ Onlay Composite150 €
Inlay /Onlay Gold150 € + Gold Price
Root Canal Treatment / Canal120 €
Restorative Dentistry
Porcelain Crown Fused To Metal170 €
Zirconium Crown320 €
E-max Full Porcelain Crown320 €
E-max Full Porcelain Veneer320 €
Temporary Crown30 €
Glass Fiber Post80 €
Full denture (upper or lower) complete with teeth550 €
Partial Denturefrom 600 €
Telescope Overdenturefrom 800 €

* The prices are informative

We are sure that you will be pleased with our services, therefore we guarantee for the quality of our treatments.

We provide a guarantee on the treatments under following circumstances:
  • The patient attends at least once a year our oral hygiene aftercare session, as well as the 6-months’ check-up, and follows the recommended oral care guidelines.
  • Patient’s oral hygiene is appropriate, dentures are properly maintained.
  • Appropriate use of the denture, which is only exposed to physiological masticatory forces, not causing the overload of the denture.
  • The denture is not exposed to trauma, bone or gum diseases.

Fillings 1 year
Inlays/Onlays, Crowns, Bridges 3 years
Removable partial or full dentures 3 years

The guarantee will be invalidated in following cases:
  • The patient neglects oral hygiene.
  • The patient is a smoker.
  • Improper use of the denture: forces greater than the physiological masticatory force caused increased strain on the denture.
  • Mechanical damage of the removable denture (e.g. dropping, combat sports), damage caused by chemicals (concentrated alcohol, chemicals).
  • The damage or fault of denture is reported later than 5 working days.
  • In case the tooth requires root canal treatment due to previous treatments (filling, crown preparation).
  • The patient doesn’t attend the 6 months check-up.

Find below the address, phone number and e-mail address of our clinic. Follow us on Facebook to be up-to-date about our latest news. To make an appointment, please call us or write an e-mail.

Telephone: +36-70/205-1780

H-1126 Budapest
Kolosy tér 1/A, first floor, doorbell: 9

Opening hours:
Tuesday: 09:00-20:00
Wednesday: 15:00- 20:00
Thursday: 14:30-20:00

You can easily get to our clinic by car, motorcycle, bicycle or public transport.
Car parking is easy to do in the surrounding streets. The number of mobile parking zones: 0301
suburban railway: H5 (Station: Szépvölgyi út)
Bus: 9/ 29 / 109 or 111 (Station: Kolosy tér)
Tram: 17/ 19 or 41 (Station: Kolosy tér)

We are pleased to welcome you at our clinic!
Your Dental Family Team!