Porcelain teeth - for the perfect smile

Porcelán fog - a tökéletes mosolyért

Most Hollywood stars aren't born with perfect teeth, so most choose porcelain teeth for a flawless smile. Thanks to advances in technology, this is now available here at home, and the affordable prices have made this procedure increasingly popular over the past few years.

It is important to point out that a porcelain tooth is in most cases a porcelain-coated metal crown, which the dentist can fit over the existing healthy tooth with attention to detail to make it look as if it is original.

Of course, there are several types on the market, so it is already available:

  1. Clear porcelain crown
  2. Zirconium oxide crown
  3. Titanium crown
  4. Golden crown
  5. Metal ceramic crown

For those with metal allergies, we recommend gold, zirconium oxide and clear porcelain crowns, while metal-ceramic and titanium crowns are recommended for those who are not at risk of any allergies.

An impression is taken at the dentist's office so that the patient can plan, with the help of a dental expert, the type of changes they would like to have made to their new smile. The dental technician then takes the impression and the associated documentation to the dental technician, who will create the porcelain tooth, crown or bridge.

The patient is then implanted in the office with the new porcelain tooth, which can still be customised to give the tooth the look the client has in mind.

So it is possible to replace a tooth with a porcelain tooth, or to improve the aesthetic appearance of the whole dentition with several types of crowns.

As porcelain teeth or crowns are a very complex process for dental professionals, detailed information is always provided prior to any future treatment to ensure that the patient is fully aware of their options and how the whole process is carried out.

For this reason, our specialists will tell you all the pros and cons of using different types of porcelain teeth, bridges or crowns, as well as their durability and usability, to make it easier for you to choose the one that suits you best matching porcelain tooth, a bridge or a crown.

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