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Dental plaque removal in the Dental Family dental surgery in Óbuda!

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A tartar there are many misconceptions about the problem, but there is no doubt that the majority of people do not attach enough importance to it. But let's see what exactly tartar is, what kind of complaints it can cause and how to get rid of it easily and effectively!

Fogkőeltávolítás A Dental Family Fogászat Óbudai Rendelőjében!What is tartar?

Calculus is basically a deposited and calcified plaque on the surface of the teeth that cannot be removed by oral care at home. Because the surface of tartar is rough, plaque sticks to the tooth even more, not to mention the various bacteria that can cause other problems. It is therefore a self-exciting process, which should be nipped in the bud, because if it becomes rampant, it can cause more serious complaints.

What complaints?

As tartar is mainly deposited in the immediate vicinity of the gums, it causes gingivitis. The process begins with swelling of the gums, usually accompanied by pain and often bleeding from the gums. In the later stages of the process, the gums pull downwards, and the already persistent inflammatory condition leads to bone damage, which ultimately results in loosening of the teeth. The process can only be stopped in its final stages, but there is no way to reverse it.

 How often should tartar be removed?

This question is often asked at Dental Family Dentistry in Óbuda, to which we generally answer that tartar removal is justified twice a year. Of course, this can be influenced by a number of factors, such as individual susceptibility to tartar build-up, irregularly positioned dentures or even smoking. So the key to tartar is prevention. Visit Dental Family Dentistry in Óbuda and get rid of tartar with professional solutions! 

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