Megfizethető Fogpótlás Árak Cirkóniummal?

Affordable tooth replacement prices with zirconium?

Megfizethető Fogpótlás Árak Cirkóniummal?

Today, the term zirconium is becoming more and more common in the field of dental restorations, which is no wonder, as it has revolutionised the way we think about tooth replacement.

But let's see what it's all about and is zirconium worth it, considering the higher prices of dental restorations?

This solution is often referred to as metal-free restorations, but this is not entirely accurate, as naturally occurring zirconium is a group of so-called transition metals that are converted into zirconium dioxide during the combustion process. The latter is the basic compound of dental zirconia crowns.

Why are the prices of dental restorations higher with zirconium crowns?

The answer to the above question is simple, by explaining the advantages of zirconium. Let's look at just ten examples:
  1. the white colour gives a realistic tooth replacement
  2. the same translucent properties as natural teeth
  3. high strength
  4. resistant
  5. long life span
  6. does not cause allergic symptoms
  7. no metallic taste
  8. comfortable to wear
  9. does not conduct heat
  10. results in an extremely precise fit

Of course, the list could go on, as zirconium crowns have many positive features, but it is worth knowing that they take more time to create. There is no question, therefore, as to what results in higher prices for dental restorations in this case.

Is it worth it?

If we compare the prices of zirconium tooth replacement and other solutions with the final result, we can see a huge difference. Zirconium crowns are more natural, more durable and more wearable, so they definitely pay off in the long run.

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