Fogprotézis Árak És Típusok

Denture prices and types

Fogprotézis Árak És Típusok
Many people have a lot of questions when switching from their own teeth to dentures, as the prices and types of dentures vary, so it's important to know when to start, what types are available and what exactly is involved in such a treatment.

When do you need a denture?

When the tooth loss is so severe that bridges are no longer an option. This can be done either partially, where a denture is made to fit perfectly over the remaining intact teeth, or completely, where the remaining teeth are removed and replaced with a full denture.

What types of dentures are there?

Metal weighted denture

This is only applicable to the lower dentition, where the benefits of gravity can be optimally exploited. The metal weight, which is completely surrounded by a plastic layer - so that people with metal allergies can wear it safely - helps to increase the weight of the prosthesis so that it can be pressed more easily against the remaining ridge. This makes it easier to bite, chew and speak. A metal weighted denture currently costs £150,000 at our Dental Family dentistry.

Denture with plastic base plate

This procedure can be used on both the upper and lower dentition, which is necessary for the upper dentition to ensure that the prosthesis does not loosen or fall off the dental field, and to improve speech, chewing and aesthetic appearance. For the lower denture, we provide anchorage with this plastic base plate, which helps to hold the prosthesis in which the false teeth are placed to allow for proper speech - without lisping - chewing and biting. The plastic base plate denture is available from 120,000 Ft in our practice.

What exactly is involved in a denture design and treatment process?

First, the dentist decides which teeth can be retained and which will be removed during an assessment. After the tooth removal, a temporary denture is made for the first 3-6 months due to the swollen condition of the gums, which can also be implant-supported. The permanent denture is then made by a qualified dental technician and can be worn with implants or denture adhesive.